Match Reports 2023

The 2023 season is belatedly up and running with hopes high of a better record than 2022 (a worse record would take some doing). As usual all match reports will be posted promptly on receipt. Whether they’re written promptly post-match is a different thing but as official reprimands have been issued to the usual offenders let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Mallards v Genetics April 25 Lost by 11 runs

Mallards v KSOB May 2 Lost by 8 runs

Mallards v Davipart May 25 Lost by 50 runs

Mallards v Riding Mill May 31 Lost by 30 runs

Mallards v Benwell & Walbottle June 5 Lost by 8 runs

Mallards v Seaton Burn June 8

Mallards v Stamfordham June 14 Lost by 50 runs

Mallards v Durham Staff July 11 Lost by 9 runs


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