Our resident statistician David Cox spent a significant amount of time collating more than 20 years of scorebooks to come up with a huge database of Mallards statistics. We’re still working out the best way to show the data, but hope to make it all available on the website. For now, you’ll have to make do with the year-by year stats, available in the drop down menus, and some Top 20 lists, below.

Current stats go back as far as 1998, much to the chagrin of some of the older Mallards, who predate this, and feel that the they’re missing results from their prime. We are hopeful of being able to extend the database even further back, so watch this space!

Tables last updated April 2024

Most Appearances

1201Taylor, Gareth
2194Cleaver, Tony
3192Butcher, Mark (Stig)
4182Wood, Trevor
5171Beacock, Peter
6161Browne, Tom
7154Dunhill, Andy
8139McCaffery, Colin
9118Buckley, Mark
10115Mexter, Leon
11114Nitsch, Peter
12108Cox, David
1395Kent, Steven
1488Morgan, Ian
1587Steel, Glenn
1685Haylock, Colin
1781Latif, Liaquat
1881Stone, Ian
1971Hall, Tim
2068Malik, Hamid

Most Runs

11963Cox, David
21889Buckley, Mark
31793Wood, Trevor
41778Kent, Steven
51481Butcher, Mark (Stig)
61373Steel, Glenn
71116Extras, Mr
81088Nitsch, Peter
91078Porteous, Andy
101058Malik, Hamid
11956Dickinson, Matt
12952McCaffery, Colin
13880Beacock, Peter
14849Robinson, Jon
15779Moller (snr), John B
16776Morgan, Ian
17759Kumar, Ankush
18648Mexter, Leon
19640Taylor, Gareth
20592Bennett, Johnny

We couldn’t take our name seriously if we didn’t keep an eye on the…

Most Ducks

125Butcher, Mark (Stig)
223Taylor, Gareth
323Wood, Trevor
420Beacock, Peter
518McCaffery, Colin
618Mexter, Leon
716Browne, Tom
816Wilson, Rob
915Hayward, Nick
1012Cleaver, Tony
1112Scutt, Robert
1211Benneworth, Paul
1311Dickinson, Matt
1411Jordon, Anthony
1511Lucas, Christopher
1611Morgan, Ian
1711Nitsch, Peter
1810Boyes, Alan
1910Haylock, Colin
2010Holland, Simon

Most Wickets

1162Cleaver, Tony
2154Dunhill, Andy
3128Taylor, Gareth
497Browne, Tom
586Mexter, Leon
677Cox, David
763Latif, Liaquat
862Butcher, Mark (Stig)
957Hall, Tim
1054Wood, Trevor
1153Nitsch, Peter
1251Stone, Ian
1346Haylock, Colin
1442Malik, Hamid
1539Watson, Ian
1637Holland, Simon
1735Scott, Craig
1830McCaffery, Colin
1930Wisbach, Stuart
2028McGuinness, David

Most Catches

130Buckley, Mark
228Butcher, Mark (Stig)
327Beacock, Peter
425Wood, Trevor
523McCaffery, Colin
622Cox, David
717Browne, Tom
816Kent, Steven
915McGuinness, David
1013Mexter, Leon
1113Wilson, Alistair
1212Latif, Liaquat
1312Malik, Hamid
1412Nitsch, Peter
1512Steel, Glenn
1611Dickinson, Matt
1710Kumar, Ankush
189Greenwood, Gez
198Porteous, Andy
208Taylor, Gareth