Match Reports 2016

A new season, a new captain, two new vice captains and a new fixtures secretary.  Anyone would think last season’s record of won 2,  lost 23 wasn’t good enough! Will it work? We’ll soon find out. A link to each game will appear below moments after the final ball has been bowled. Or a bit later, depending on who drew the short straw report-writing job.

Mallards v Excelsior Batters April 20 Won by 13 runs

Mallards v Benwell & Walbottle April 26 Match abandoned

Mallards v Excelsior Batters May 5 Lost by 3 wickets

Mallards v KSOB May 10 Won by 14 runs

Mallards v Durham Staff May 19 Lost by 50 runs

Mallards v Architects May 24 Lost by 7 wickets

Mallards v Davipart June 1 Won by 32 runs

Mallards v Nitsch’s Black Book of Cricketers XI Lost by 28 runs

Mallards v Ovingham June 9 Won by 25 runs

Mallards v Sparta June 21 Lost by 77 runs

Mallards v Riding Mill June 23 Lost by 8 wickets

Mallards v Seaton Burn June 30 Match abandoned

Mallards v Sparta July 5 Lost by 20 runs

Mallards v Architects July 7 Won by 5 wickets

Mallards v Benwell & Walbottle July 12 Lost by 29 runs

Mallards v Durham Staff July 13 Won by 2 runs 

Mallards v Davipart July 20 Lost by 8 wickets

Mallards v Ovingham July 27 Won by 19 runs

Mallards v Genetics August 3 Match abandoned

Mallards v Umpires August 18 Lost by 5 wickets

Mallards v Ovington Kestrels Lost by 6 wickets

Mallards v KSOB August 24 Lost by 8 wickets

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