Mallards v Davipart May 26 @ Greenside

(To be sung to the tune of the Blaydon Races)

I went to play a cricket game

Twas on the 26th of May

Yet another game away

We fielded first as usual

The team were all a praying

A victory bring to us this eve

The Mallards are a playin


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us bowling

Balls go left, balls go right

Most of them are straying,

One goes straight to much applause

A wicket might be taken

But it’s dropped near the boundary rope

You’re seeing Mallards in the making


So Cox bowled first, a caught behind

Ankush did the taking

Not to be outdone it’s Lawrence next

A caught and bowled of his own making

Cox followed with his second soon

The stumps they did a rattle

He was joined by Edge who did the same

The Mallards had come to battle


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us bowling….


By now they were 8 overs through

and had 4 wickets gone

only 44 runs were on that board

the match was there to be won

Latif’s spin battled the gusty eve

Some wides he were a making

Before he struck with a lofted orb

And another wicket we were taking


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us bowling…


Next came Hamid into bowl

with some pace a bringing

he swiftly brought another scalp

with the ball a little swinging

Things looked good at 86

and only 6 overs remaining

the Mallards were getting into this

could there be history in the making


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us bowling…


And now the end of their innings nears

The scorebook gets kind of ropey

We know Ankush took another out

his gloves the timbers smoking

he then runs out another one

the Mallards we are alive

But we turn round to look at the score

Its bloody well one hundred and twenty-five.


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us bowling…


Well Ankush and Hamid stepped bravely out

Mallards response to give

Ankush smacked a lovely one

He hit it nice and big

A run was there every day

It duly was a taken

But a big armed throw directly hit

His bails they were a broken


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting

Some get 4s most get ones

A duck is for the taking

Streaky edges and nurdling

Are the currency we trade in

Heaving ho to the boundary rope

That’s Mallards in the making


This now brings T Holland to the crease

Some dots the pair are making

At 5 overs with just 14 on the board

The score is yet to start racing

Then the gas he starts to press

The boundaries are a flowing

Before he is caught for 18 runs

But a foundation he’s been sowing


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting


Next is Ramsey up to face

But a duck he is a owning

Before Cox goes in and steadies the ship

With Hamid some runs they are growing

Their partnership continues to build

Lad we’re going to take this deep

Before Hamid is caught for 25

And the rest of us start to weep


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting


Lucas is next to the crease

his duck trophy to defend

He faces three balls before being caught

It was rather a predictable end

This ushers in Standring next

To see if he can make amends

He gets five before he’s caught

Another in an unfortunate trend


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting


Now with just two overs left

Only 89 runs had been scored

McCaffrey to the party came

To smite his special fours

One and done was his legacy

While next out strode S Holland

A dot, then two before also caught

Another one had fallen


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting


Now there was just one more ball to face

The score was on 95

A frozen Latif strode out to bat

He just watched the ball sail by

Cox finished up on 24

With our only 6 of the innings

Some lovely stroke play from his bat

Could not make the Mallards winning


Oh Mallards, you should have seen us batting


We gave it all a valiant go

But at Greenside it wasn’t to be

There was some sliding in the field

And much mud left on knee

But comradery and having fun

Are mostly what tis all about

That’s what we love the Mallards for

And loud about it we do shout


Oh Mallards, you’ve got to see us playing

There’s lots of shite out there in white

And for this we all keep paying

But its comradery and fun to be

A Mallards team member

Rocking up to Riding Mill

For evenings we all remember