Alex Thompson

Age:  Just look at his hair. Several team-mates have approached him quietly to discuss possible hair transplants.

Specialism: Alex is a highly-promising bowler who has already got in amongst the wickets.  Likes to give the umpires a regular chance to practice their wide signal but this is probably down to his vegetarianism. Once he’s got a few burgers down him he’ll be fine.

Profile: A former skateboarding champ, Alex likes nothing more than a shifty tweak, a technique which he hopes to introduce to his bowling.  Although he strongly denies it,  it is believed he was the subject of the classic Avril Lavigne song Skater Boy, which contained the classic lyric ‘He was a Skater Boy, she said ‘see you later boy.’ Now that’s what I call proper poetry.

Favourite Colour:  Cabbage Green

Nickname:  Jeffro.  (Astonishingly he combines his love of Avril Lavigne with an equal affection for cult 70s band Jethro Tull  – a love he shares with the musically-challenged club despot Gareth Taylor)